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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

- Maya Angelou

Meet Rebecca & Victoria

In 2019, Rebecca and Victoria would enter into the same Masters of Counseling cohort at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.  For the next three years, they would sharpen both their therapeutic skills and personal identities through the mentorship of the Allender Center's Trauma & Abuse specialization.  By the end of their collaborative journey in education, each would have built an intersecting vision for mental health support that invites a person's story to act as a core guide for understanding the past, living authentically in the present, and daring to believe that the hopes for a healthy future can be achieved.  It was through this collaborative vision for widespread healing that Still Waters Collaborative came to exist.

Still Waters Collaborative -

Get to Know Us

Still Waters Collaborative is a centralized space for intersectional development, therapeutic healer to therapeutic healer.  Our values prioritize drawing practitioners together who value and invest in the necessary beauty of a complex and diverse experience of what it means to be human.  Still Waters Collaborative offers connection and support to local therapists through shared space, consult groups, training opportunities, and opportunities to partner through intersecting visions for community care.  Still Waters Collaborative hosts narrative-based story workshops that allow individual participants to collaboratively explore difficult parts of their story, identity, and desires for the future, alongside other story-work sojourners, with the support of a partnered facilitator team.  For many, this is a first step to gaining productive proximity to personal pains, in ways that create momentum for healing in all portions of the life and self.  

Founders of The Still Waters Collaborative

Victoria Hudson, LMHC and Co-Founder 

After a 14-year career investing in statewide standards of intervention and care for survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking within Washington state,  Victoria moved toward a career in mental health support for trauma survivors, expanding beyond her original specialty and now including broader experiences of familial, identity-based, religious and social harms, intermixing realms of creative and expressive arts with Lifespan Integration therapy, to offer experiences of healing that do not require conversational forms of re-traumatization. She is a mother, an artist, and an animal lover, and believes that wellness is deeply rooted to play and exploration.  She gets excited about collaborating with others in their goals to see lasting change whether it be through counseling, leader mentorship opportunities, or through her personal connections. 

Rebecca Nystrom, LMHCA and Co-Founder 

After over a decade of volunteering with women with trauma and abuse experiences, Rebecca chose to pursue a career as a Counselor with a trauma and abuse specialization.  Her passion is creating environments where the stigma and silence surrounding abuse can be broken and healing can occur. Rebecca's values prioritize her client's experiences of familial, identity-based, religious, and social harms from a framework that understands one's lived experience as a critical factor in how one experiences themselves personally and through external relationships. She works with others to identify healing experiences beyond traditional one-on-one talk therapy by integrating group work with a deeper awareness of one's somatic (bodily) response to their history of trauma and abuse. 

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