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About Story Exploration

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Life is a story that is constantly unfolding for individuals, for families, for communities, and from generation to generation.   The beauty and pain of being human are found within the way that we imprint and influence one another on this journey called "life."  

The details matter in how we understand ourselves and the world.  The ways that we see, feel, and experience our lives impact the ways that we choose to honor or abandon the body.  To dare to dig in and to begin to understand the roles that we have been led to believe are important within social contexts holds great power in our efforts toward sustainable wellness. 

Story Exploration workshops offer individual adults (18+) an invitation to gain proximity to the difficult parts of the lives that we have lived.  Within a bite-sized workshop setting, we can come together to find new perspectives on stories that have kept us stuck in the mud. 

Story work invites small groups of individuals (groups of up to 6 adults) into spaces where one can find the permission to let go of the weight of shame, trading anxieties in a more authentic sense of being,  collaboratively learning to honor the journeys of others as well as finding peace in the continued journey ahead.

Our method of Story Exploration is influenced by the insights and wisdom offered through both Allender Center in Seattle, WA & the Art of Living Counseling Center in Crystal Lake, IL.  This intersectional perspective of story engagement is guided by the belief that all humanity was built with the intention of experiencing sustainable peace, wholeness, and access to authenticity.  When our stories leave us in spaces of isolation we can find refuge when we discover the tools hidden deep within, leading to incredible opportunities for healing and positive generational change.

By exploring our stories within an environment that is rooted in collaborative compassion, we build trust within ourselves that strengthens lived integrity throughout life.  It is here that shame and contempt can lose their grip, inviting a sense of internalized belonging that leads to a deeper sense of personal and social purpose.

Please note that story workshops are not therapeutic support groups. Still Waters Collaborative offers Story Exploration as coaching and skill building. We desire to connect our community with others who are seeking to know their stories more fully. 

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Story Exploration Workshops
  • Small group opportunities for story exploration (6 participants)

  • Two day workshops spread out over 6 weeks

  • Therapeutic reflection through relational group connections on difficult life themes

  • Confidential space to explore, gain new perspectives and challenge historical narratives

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Facilitation Support & The Story Exploration Frame

At Still Waters Collaborative, Story Exploration facilitation happens in the presence of two licensed mental health counselor associate practitioners who both have individually selected licensed mental health counselor supervisors, as per required by WA State standards.  While our groups are run by counseling professionals, the feel of our groups is relational, connected and rooted in building relationship with the self and others. 

Participants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep themes of conversation within Story Exploration groups private and protected.  We cannot control whether participants choose to engage in further connection with one another after the 6-week time but we greatly encourage a high commitment to all connections between participants, post workshop, to be equally agreed upon and engaged with sensitivity.


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